Hello Texas !

Welcome to my plastic blog spot. As a plastic mold company owner I like to blather on about everything plastic. Big surprise eh? I like to think about plastic, discuss plastic parts, discuss the required injection mold or tool as we call it, read Plastic News magazine, talk on the phone about plastic and blog about plastic. We are a smaller shop that’s growing faster than I ever imagined and that’s a good thing. I’m not sure if it’s accurate to say but I like to think of our industry as a bit “niche”. I feel that way because I could probably name all of the other plastic companies in the great city of Houston and the surrounding areas. I know some of them personally and think of some as friends.  I’ll bet that Electricians or lawyers (lol) can’t say that about their competitors. Anyway, I am very proud of our company because we have the absolute ability to go from napkin sketch to plastic part all in-house. When I say in-house what do I mean? I mean that our customer can walk in for a meeting with a sketch, a part or a prototype in hand and 6 weeks later have some parts in his or her hand. Those parts will have come from an injection mold that WE built with OUR hands and OUR machines in OUR shop. And then put that mold into production, and when it needs a tweak or adjustment or repair it will have to travel a grand total of 30 feet to have that work done. I’m very proud of that fact. I can’t wait to get to my shop tomorrow because I know that the next project is right around the corner and that makes me happy! I’ll get that call and I can barely contain my excitement to find out the details of the project.

My family and I are going on a short vacation at the end of this week and we are extremely excited as we’ve not had one in far too long. I will probably miss being around the shop and the sights and smells of it but I’ve got to get my head into good food, and good times for the sake of the Family!! I love it! I hope you have an awesome week and if you need us we’re just a call away. So pick up that phone and let’s talk about your plastic needs! I love that too!