Hello Texas!

Now that the week is through and it’s late on a Friday I like to take this time to think back on the week. Did I get accomplished what I set out to get accomplished this week? This week I believe I did and then some. I had an unusual amount of quotes to go through and I finished up the last one today. I’m currently building 3 injection molds and I’m finding faster ways to do it. It can be quite a challenge to separate in your mind the different tasks that are required for each of the CNC machines to handle but if you focus real hard it’s totally doable. I’m starting to get some traffic through my website too, and that makes me get excited! I love speaking with new customers and finding out about them, what they hope to achieve¬†and what got them to the point where they are standing in my shop. Some of them work for larger corporations and it’s awesome to hear of the big projects they are part of that I could possibly help with. Sometimes an injection mold isn’t what they need but at least we had that conversation and met and traded business cards. I believe networking is so valuable and a very useful tool for a small business. Well, it’s time to go home and hug the kiddos and see what’s up!

Peace, love and Plastic !