Being who you say you are…

Hello Texas ! Welcome to my plastic blog spot. As a plastic mold company owner I like to blather on about everything plastic. Big surprise eh? I like to think about plastic, discuss plastic parts, discuss the required injection mold or tool as we call it, read Plastic News magazine, talk on the phone about [...]

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How colorant affects your plastic product.

Hello Texas, Summer is winding down and the hot weather will soon be a memory (thank goodness). I love the summer but fall weather is my preference! Cooler weather reminds me of all those things that I've been putting aside that I should get to. One thing I like to do when cool weather is here [...]

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Knowledge is power people!

Hello Texas! Upon scouring the internet this morning I came across this article that talks about processing resins. That is to say the process of getting the box of pellets to become beautiful plastic parts that do everything that they were designed to do. So much goes in to getting great parts out of the [...]

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A short history of Plastic.

Hello Texas!, In an effort to get the public informed about my favorite material, you guessed it! Plastic! I love to study it, read about it and learn new ways to stay on top of my game on the tooling side of things and molding side as well. Please take a second out of your [...]

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What are Hygroscopic Resins?

Hello Texas!, When selecting a plastic (or resin) for your plastic molded product there are many things to consider. Does my plastic product need to have impact resistance? Does my plastic part need to have UV resistance? What about the ability to "live" in a corrosive environment? Or maybe you need flexibility.    No matter what [...]

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Hello Texas! Now that the week is through and it's late on a Friday I like to take this time to think back on the week. Did I get accomplished what I set out to get accomplished this week? This week I believe I did and then some. I had an unusual amount of quotes [...]

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Hello Texas, I was driving in this morning thinking about plastic and all the things that are made with plastic, kind of daydreaming when I had to slam my brakes on to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Needless to say I said a bad word and had coffee all over my lap. [...]

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Design and Quote

The basis for providing quality Tooling is the design. We’ll design your injection mold using the most advanced modeling software. Our MASTERCAM X10 CAD/CAM software enables us to design and machine the details of the injection mold directly from the design data. This not only cuts the lead time for supplying production parts, but the potential for human error [...]

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