Injection molding is the most efficient way to produce plastic parts in volume. If your part and its final intent depends on accuracy and consistency, injection molding is the way to go. One of the greatest advantages to the injection molding process is that it gives you the ability to scale quickly. So, if your business suddenly explodes and you need to fulfill a much higher volume really fast, you have that capacity.Injection molding machine


At West Point Plastics, LLC, we take great pride in our ability to bring our clients’ visions to life. As injection molding specialists, we will work hard to deliver on your needs, whether it’s a large-scale run of parts or a single prototype. Our team is always ready to give you the best possible result at the best possible price, helping you reach your market with top quality at the right price point, every time.


Injection molding is one of the fastest ways to get your product to market. From tiny components and plastic switches to large objects such as car fenders, bumpers, and more, there really is no limit to what can be made.


Here are some more examples of what we can make:


  • Telephone handsets
  • Boxes and bins
  • Electronics cabinets
  • Phone cases
  • Sinks, bathtubs
  • Tool housings
  • Interior and exterior automobile components
  • Plastic parts


And there is so much more besides. We build the injection molds as well, meaning that we have complete control over the entire process from concept to completion, so we can work together to design a system that will work for you both now and well into the future.

Some of the things you may need to consider include:


  • What kinds of materials should I be using?
  • How many pieces am I going to need?
  • How many cavities should the mold have?
  • What are the color options?
  • How flexible does the item need to be?
  • Does it need to be UV resistant?


If you are unsure of the answers to any of these questions, our technicians can help. With more than 50 years of combined experience working with plastics, we have proven ourselves time and again to be the go-to injection molding experts. We are detail-oriented perfectionists, just like you, and just like you, we stake our reputation on the quality of our work.


Our process

We provide an end-to-end injection molding service, starting with the design and ending with your part, packaged and ready to deliver to your customer. We provide service at every link in the chain, including materials consulting, part production, assembly, warehousing, and packaging.


We start with the basics: what is it that you want to manufacture? Once we have a basic idea of what you’re looking for, we develop a 3D model. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, we create an exact rendering of your part.


We then convert it to a model that can be read by our machines. This is called CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining. Basically, CNC machining takes a CAD design and converts it into numbers. These numbers, read by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, tell our machines exactly how to produce your part.


We work closely with you through every step to ensure we are all on the same page. We will explain every process to make sure you understand our rationale and will always work with your desired end result in mind.


Our processes strictly adhere to SPI (Society of Plastics Industry) classifications of injection molding standards. This should give you the ultimate confidence that your mold performs predictably throughout its expected life cycle.


Customer service always comes first

We work with customers anywhere in the United States, so we are happy to do business over the phone, through email, or however you want to connect, however, there is no substitution for that face-to-face, in-person connection. Sitting down with you and discussing your vision is just the beginning. This is where the magic happens.


The better we know and understand you, the better we can make good on your goals. This is a big part of our customer service mandate as we feel it helps us deliver tailored solutions that will better serve your specific injection mold needs.


Get started: Give us a call today. We’d love to learn more about your injection molding needs.